Many marijuana users may use the drug for either medical or recreational purposes. And it’s not just humans, pets are using this as well. There are many¬†health benefits of CBD oil for pets.

If you ask any marijuana user whether the drug produces a sense of euphoria, they will probably say that it most certainly does. However, some marijuana users may not realize that there are associated negative side effects when using the drug and this will be especially true for those who have smoked marijuana for a long period of time. What are some of the side effects of using marijuana?

Most marijuana users have heard of the term cottonmouth which basically is a dry mouth resulting from a lack of saliva production. A recent survey discovered that more than 79% of marijuana users claim that they have experienced cottonmouth at some time during their marijuana usage. Marijuana users who use the drug for medical reasons may not experience cottonmouth as much because they probably do not use a drug as often as a recreational user. A marijuana user can minimize the effect of cottonmouth by chewing on food or gum. Chewing on food or gum will stimulate a person’s salivary glands to produce more saliva. Producing more saliva will counteract the negative effect of a dry cottonmouth.

Another common side effect of marijuana may be dizziness. There often is a moment of dizziness after smoking a marijuana joint when going from sitting down to standing up. Once again, a recent study showed that 60% of the participants in the study stated that they had moderate to severe dizziness when standing after they had smoked a high potency marijuana joint. One of the reasons for this effect could be a decrease in blood pressure.

Other side effects include increased appetite, memory impairment, lack of motivation, depression, anxiety/paranoia, addiction, or lung problems. Therefore, marijuana users should seriously consider the side effects before using the drug, or consider the less potent forms such as CBD. Cannabidiol oil for pets is actually very safe and contain no THC.